Quackity’s Net Wort

analyzing quackity’s birth chart

clearly quackity uncovered his introduction to the world time some time prior (twitter says around 8 am nevertheless I haven’t seen a clasp of him saying it. that we will go with though) and I just never had some awareness of it? which is a wrongdoing

this man is fundamentally half capricorn and half aquarius which is unnerving in itself however at that point he additionally has a scorpio damages. a saturn predominant. no one’s doing idiosyncratic girlboss like him 😩

at the point when I previously educated quackity was examining to be a LAWYER I was shooketh. Alex Quackity? The man I was simply watching babble for quite a long time about counterfeit minecraft show? the man, really, kid, that I was watching trick call technical support tricksters a couple of years prior? Excuse me? however, nah. it’s everything here. with 8 am precise, his midheaven would be in scorpio at a basic degree. i’ve changed the time with the goal that his midheaven is in libra, the indication of equity and strategy and a Trademarked “This individual is a legal counselor/in regulation implementation/advising” midheaven arrangement. this would likewise put his vocation planet (venus) in the second house (accounts, pay, hard working attitude) in aquarius (logical saturn controlled compassionate sign)

scorpio damages conjunct the midheaven is heartlessly aggressive. these individuals work for themselves, end of story. they can channel all of their energy straightforwardly into any place they need to get throughout everyday life. there is So Much Power in this situation alone, however at that point quackity needs to go and furthermore be a capricorn sun+mercury+rising. he is so BASED.

he has saturn in the fourth and individuals with this situation are known to begin working at a Very youthful age (since the fourth house controls your home and your initial life/childhood and saturn is the planet of obligation/obligation) which. hi. iirc quackity has been reading up regulation for quite a long time, meaning he began learning at 16, meaning he must’ve graduated highschool early, all while doing youtube as an afterthought. 16 year old regulation understudy. has been making recordings since he was 12. we STAN a man of hard working attitude. Nonetheless!

capricorns are regularly generalized as exhausting genuine eager obsessive worker cold domineering people, which is such an insult to them it makes me wiped out alright 🤬

capricorn energy is cardinal earth. being managed by saturn, one of the watchwords here is “restrained.” it doesn’t attempt to control others, no, it applies command over itself. saturn predominant individuals will more often than not be very unforgiving with themselves even since early on. they are Born on no-nonsense mode. they are finders, they view Living in a serious way, and in this present reality where cash = endurance you bet they’ll be centered around getting their own monetary soundness. this doesn’t make them voracious or cold or materialistic!! they simply need to have a solid sense of reassurance and secure in their own reality, and when they have a good sense of reassurance, they like to stretch out that inclination to their friends and family as a whole.

something that immediately stood apart to me was his pluto in the eleventh. having pluto here makes a practically natural comprehension of how the aggregate works and this is a typical lawmaker/religion pioneer position. they use their impact over their companions/local area and nothing goes unrecognized by them. “companions with individuals in power” situation. certainly the position of a man who attacks multiplayer games for no particular reason <3

his water stellium (moon, neptune, uranus, venus) in the first (however venus covers into the second) clarifies a ton about him I think. individuals are stunned to hear he’s a capricorn cause hes so Goofy and Energetic 🤪 and keeping in mind that a ton of it is a persona, the manner in which he depicts himself is all that I would anticipate from somebody with noticeable water in their graph. they’re ready to rapidly adjust to anything social climate they’re in and are Very Good at making companions (given they need to!) extremely out of the container/unique masterminds. under all the unpredictability is a solid cerebrum.

quackity doesn’t have any accurate (0 circle) viewpoints in his graph, yet he has a combination between his moon and neptune and a free combination between his uranus and venus. moon conj neptune, notwithstanding all of the ‘establishing’ capricorn in this present person’s diagram, is an exemplary Escapist situation. solace is found in dreams and dream, and in the indication of aquarius, this can appear as The Internet. moon in aquarius highly esteems being genuinely disconnected (subdued) however neptune adds profundity and awareness, and in particular, a solid association with workmanship. the icey air moon then, at that point, tracks down sound passionate articulation through music, composing, and so forth there’s a great deal of instinct here also. ~hunches~ ought to be relied upon 100% of the time.

venus conjunct uranus in aquarius challenges “conventional” thoughts of adoration and excellence. they need a ton of opportunity in their connections or, in all likelihood they hazard feeling choked. “low support” connections, or connections where the two individuals are somewhat Just doing their thing, Conveniently Together, is a very venus-uranus thing.

jupiter in the fifth is an exceptionally carefree position, particularly in gemini. these ppl love to chuckle and are exceptionally warm. jupiter grows what it contacts, and the fifth house rules games/sentiment/imagination (leo controlled house), so these individuals normally make incredible performers! Fortunate situation. could do well in speculative business!

I wasnt sure how to decipher his north hub (“karmic destiny” for sure you’re intended to do in this life) in the sixth in malignant growth so I went on astrofix and..

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